Mukul Pure

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Reduce weight & Cholestrol Naturally



Product Name MUKUL PURE
Product Description In the ancient Ayurvedic text, Sushruta Samhita, Shuddha Guggulu (Indian Bdellium/Commiphora wightii) was prescribed for the treatment of medoroga,a disease that closely resembles the symptoms of hyperlipidemia including high blood cholesterol and the hardening of arteries.Mukul Pure (Shuddha Guggulu) contains resin, volatile oils and gum. The extract has ketonic steroid compounds known as guggulsterones. E- and Z-guggulsterones are the compounds that are responsible for lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Ingredients and main components
Product Benefits Lipid Regulator
Dosage and Direction One capsule, twice a day or as directed by your physician .
Expiry Date Best before 3 years from the date of Mfg.
composition Composition : Each capsule contains Extract of Shuddh guggulu ( Commiphora mukul)*(Exd) 250mg Indications & Usage : Hyperlipidemia (increased cholesterol level in the blood) , Arthritis , Atherosclerosis (clogging or hardening of blood vessels) , Weight management Excepients Q.S. *Ref.API
Net Content 60 capsules


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